19 Foot Boats 19-Foot Boats

Starting at $29,899

21 Foot Boats 21-Foot Boats

Starting at $42,199

24 Foot Boats 24-Foot Boats

Starting at $54,099

Wake Series Wake Series

Starting at $60,899

Center Console Center Console

Starting at $29,799

All Yamaha
Stem to Stern

Unlike any other jet boat in the industry, Yamaha designs and builds every aspect of each boat and stands behind every component.

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Reliable, high-quality design is what sets Yamaha boats apart on the water.

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Industry Leading Offers

Yamaha is proud to offer the industry's largest range of financing and purchasing options for boats.

The Gold Standard in Marine Propulsion

Yamaha’s internal propulsion system requires less maintenance and expense, compared to an inboard or stern drive boat. The system is virtually maintenance-free, with only simple annual maintenance and fluid refills.


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