Whether you've got a 14' mini-toon or a whopping 28' long tri-toon weighing up to 6800 pounds, EZ Loader has you covered! EZ Loader has 21 different adjustable pontoon trailers to choose from. Available in aluminum, galvanized or our new silver-black textured powder coat, with options and accessories to fit every need. EZ Loader is how the pontoon world gets to the water! Find a dealer near you. 

Available in Single, Tandem, or Triple Axle Galvanized or Powder Coat. Available in Single or Tandem Axle Aluminum.



Slide Bunk Load Guides - Adjustable When the going gets rough,
load guides help you launch and
load no matter what the weather.
Available on most models.
Slide T Bunk Load Guide -
A convenient medium-duty load
guide that is easy to install and fits
most small to medium EZ Loader
boat trailers.
Slide Aluminum Wheel -
Upgrade your trailer with these
aluminum wheels. Available in 12”
through 16” wheels.
Slide Four Bunk Exchange -
Replaces the regular two bunk
system with a heavy-duty 3x4 four
bunk pivoting system for increased
Slide Four Bunk Option -
Adds two additional, fully adjustable
bunks to an existing two-bunk
Slide Channel Glide Bunk Covers -
EZ Loader copolymer bunk covers
attach over carpeted bunks
and let your boat slide on and
off the trailer with ease.
Slide Brake Flush Kit -
Help clean brake components
with this handy flush kit.
Attach a garden hose and flush!
Useful in saltwater environments.
Slide Inboard Crossmember
Exchange - Adjustable
Special recessed cage helps protect
your boat’s inboard shaft and
propeller during launching and loading.
Slide Keel Pads and Keel Rollers -
For extra protection. A selection
of 4”, 5”, 8” and 12” keel rollers
are available, as well as a variety of
keel pad sizes.
Slide Roll Exchanges - Adjustable Want to update your boat trailer
with the latest in patented
non-marking roller technology?
Ask your dealer today!
Slide Footed Tongue Jack -
Heavy duty footed tongue jack provides
a strong and sturdy solution for heavier
trailer/tongue weight.
Slide Disc Brake System -
EZ Loader's disc brake’s calipers resist
corrosion and add additional protection
in tough saltwater conditions.
Slide Hydraulic Drum Brakes -
EZ Loader’s hydraulic drum brakes
are hot-dipped galvanized for additional
protection against corrosive elements.
Slide Swing Tongue - Adjustable This new design allows for a perfect
solution when your boat trailer is too
long for its storage area. Available on
many models.
Slide Spare Tire & Carrier -
Get the additional peace of mind
when traveling with an O.E.M. Spare
tire and Carrier. EZ Loader offers
many styles to choose from.
Slide PVC Load Guides -
Sturdy EZ Loader PVC load guides
help direct your trailer during
launching and guide your boat in.
Slide Vertical Load Guides -
Bunk or roller vertical load guides –
a perfect assist for adverse water
& weather conditions. Available
on select models.
Slide Chine Load Guides -
Unique low profile load guide
system centers and protects boat
during loading. Available on
select models.
Slide Fixed Bunk Exchange -
For boats that require extra support
on smaller EZ Loader boat trailers.
Ask your dealer if your model applies.
Slide Fixed Bunk Exhange on
Y-frame - Adjustable
Extra boat support for y-frame boat
railer models. Ask your dealer if your
model applies.
Slide Jonboat Exchange -
Cross bunk to give extra support for
longer bunks, jonboats and other flat
l bottom boats.

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