2008 Kawasaki STX 15f 125 hours


Very nice STX 15f  160hp very fast unit for the price.  Keep the engine  flushed and these units will last for years.  60mph. great ski.  We have two of these to choose from


2006 Yamaha GP 1300


The last of the rocket ship Yamaha GP two stroke fuel injected race machines.  This is the most amazing thrill ride of all time.  If you are looking for reliable 2 stroke horsepower you have found it.  One ride on the 1300 and you will see why it is still the the most fun you can have under $6,000


2006 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO.


Yamaha’s proven FX hull is powered by the HO. engine, which has 160hp and runs this ski up in the high 50’s

Great storage and an ultra comfortable ride


2014 Yamaha Superjet stand-up


This superjet is brand new.  It has less than 10 hours on it.  Buy a new stand-up at a deep discount.

The black super-jet has a great look and comes with the staple 701 two stroke


2009 Kawasaki 260X 116 hours


The second generation of the supercharged Kawasaki’s .  This unit is equipped with a supercharger fogging kit to allow oil to be placed on the blades after saltwater use.  these are very fast and take rough water well

2009 ultra 260x

2009 Kawasaki 260X 77 hrs.


Low hour 260x with fogging kit.  Great fast unit with tons or storage


2011 Yamaha FX ho Cruiser


The largest of the Yamaha Waverunners.  This is a great watersports machine.  180 hp it has the power to pull skies and wakeboards with ease.  This waverunner is very clean with many of the same options as the new ones


2011 Yamaha FZS 90 Hours


This was Yamaha’s race machine for a number of years.  The FZS  has a 215hp supercharged engine in a race trimmed great handling hull. The FZS is a three seater and does still have the ability to tow tubes and wakeboards. Very nice unit


(2) 2011Kawasaki 300 LX 25 hours


The top of the line in 2011.  300hp supercharged machine toping out at 68 mph.  If you ride rough water nothing will keep up with the 300.  Tons of storage, very stable and a great watersports platform.  We have two of these

Chris 007

2012 Kawasaki ultra 300X 35 hours


Very clean 300 with low hours.  We love the 300’s in the ocean.  There is no ride like them.  Great storage and power trim to put all the power to the water.


2014 Yamaha FX SVHO Cruiser 90 Hours


The top of the line FX.  Includes pop-up cleats, a cruiser seat and a 250 hp engine.  Ride in luxury on this super fast machine.   Great performance watercraft


2003 Yamaha SUV 90 hrs


The Classic SUV 4 seater .  These machine are making a monster comeback for fishing and all around practical use.  They have large storage compartments and have the capability of holding 4 people.  The large machine still handles great and has plenty of power from it’s 130hp engine.  Wonderful family machine


2004 Seadoo GTX 155


This is the original 155 seadoo four stroke that has stood the test of time.  The driveshaft has been upgraded and it is ready for a ton of fun.  Four-stoke reliability on a budget


2004 Yamaha FX cruiser


The Yamaha FX 140 is well known to be the most reliable 4 stroke of all time.  This is an older unit, but you would not know it.  The pride of ownership shows on this waverunner.  This unit will run about 50mph and is a great stable platform to enjoy water-sports or just enjoy the large comfortable ride


2004 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO.


Way ahead of its time the HO. 160hp Yamaha four stroke allows amazing reliability with great performance without the use of a supercharger.  20 more horsepower than the regular 140.  this is a large stable platform with the extra speed and  power to pull up a heavy wakeboarder or to just blast though the waves. this  Waverunner is in amazing condition


2006 Yamaha FX HO Cruiser


This HO has the 160hp Yamaha fourstoke.  The cruiser seats allows the rider all day comfort with lumbar back support.  heavy stable ride to tackle ruff water conditions are the most demanding watersports.  Great reliable 4 stroke at a pre-owned price


2014 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO


The pearl white FX is a great looking waverunner equipped with the 180 hp. non-supercharged 1.8 liter engine.

This HO has tons of power with all the great features like cruise control and a 6mph button for consistent speed in no wake zones.  Our best selling machine of the time the FX HO is hands down the best all around watercraft available


2014 Yamaha FX svho


The performance side of Yamaha’s legendary FX platform.  The SVHO packs supercharged fun in a great handling ultra powerful package.  It has more aggressive styling than your traditional FX  consistent with a sports car look.  Great reliable Yamaha horsepower